Learning resilience is an important life skill. Resilience means being able to cope with what life throws at you without being passive. Believing there is a solution to every problem will increase confidence.


Building Resilience

Every setback is a chance to strengthen resilience. Setbacks are useful for learning new resilience skills. Look for the lessons learnt from setbacks.

Life Coaching

Think of 5 words to describe your day yesterday. What do those 5 words tell you? It could be that you need to do more of the same because it was a great day or, do you need to make some changes?

Problem Solving

It is said there is a solution to every problem. When faced with a problem large or small devise a plan A & B (C & D if you need to). Seeing it written down makes it easier to evaluate than just letting it go round and round in the mind.

5 Year Plan

Do you know where you want to be in 5 years time? Everyone needs a plan. You can change it as many times as you like, but without a plan how will you know where you are heading?

Confidence in Setting Personal Boundaries

With work and social relationships it is harder to set personal boundaries once they have already been crossed. You could look to be the one at fault by making new ‘rules’. Be clear and confident on what your personal boundaries are. Ensure you maintain your boundaries. It will earn you respect.

Assertiveness/Understanding Human Nature

It is said that the most successful people are those who understand human nature.

Become a student of human nature.   Look for reasons for difficult behaviour. This will help you manage it calmly and assertively rather than reacting from a personal viewpoint.  It will help you achieve win/win.


Confident people are seldom hurt by or disappointed in the behaviour  of friends and colleagues because they don’t takes things personally. They evaluate behaviour and react accordingly in an assertive manner.

Confidence and Your Thoughts

Our confidence levels are determined by our thoughts. Try to note your thinking patterns today, are they contributing to self-confidence or eroding it?  You could try replacing a negative thought with ‘there’s a solution to every problem.’ That will put your thinking onto a more positive track.